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Access Control Systems from Gem Tec in Reading, Berkshire

Controlling who is and who isn't allowed into a building is a fundamental principle of any security system, and has to be one of the first things to consider when moving into a new premises or when reviewing existing levels of security.

Access Control can include any one or a combination of the following:

Audio Intercom - controlling the front door, ensures that visitors call up the occupier who can then let them in through the door (which would be fitted with some form of electronic locking device).

Recent Installations include: Block of new apartments in Woodley and Pangbourne.

Video Intercom - adding a video camera at the door of an Audio Intercom system, enables the occupier to see who is at the door.

Recent Installation: Luxury Apartments in Kingston, Surrey, comprising one digital call station and 60 individual Video Call Stations.

Electronic Keypad - sometime s all that's needed is a simple coded entry system. Electronic keypads can be installed to control all types of doors, and always ensure an easy code change if and when required.

Door Control - using either Swipe Card or Proximity FOB readers sited at the door(s) that needs to be controlled ensures that access is only allowed to authorised users. Controlling this a simple but powerful software package that allows management of the system, including time zones,

Recent Installation: Computer Company in Reading, to control entry into building and into stock rooms