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Remote Alarm System Monitoring from Gem Tec Security in Reading, Berkshire

An alarm is best set up with some form of Remote Monitoring. There are a number of ways that the Intruder Alarm System can send alarm signals to our Alarm Monitoring Centre

  • Digital communicator: This is the most common signaling system fitted to domestic and low-risk properties. For the system to work, the alarm system is connected to the buildings telephone line. However, telephone lines on domestic premises are rarely interfered with, making this an economical form of monitoring. An additional line can be installed to carry an alarm signal direct to the Alarm Monitoring Centre. However, this may prove to be more expensive than the other methods.
  • BT RedCARE: BT RedCARE signals alarm activations and continuously checks that the telephone line is intact. The RedCARE network requires a BT line to operate. It is monitored 24 hours a day and instantly detects malicious line cuts.
  • RedCARE GSM and DualCom: These systems provide dual signaling by telephone line and radio (GSM) signal. Reliable information on both the status of the telephone line and alarm activations is provided to the Alarm Monitoring Centre. This makes it immune to line-cutting or other forms of telephone interference.

For more information on the best option for your Intruder Alarm System, speak to one our surveying team.